Things you should be acquainted with before divorce

There are different laws regarding the divorce in the entire world. In whichever country the couple belongs to when they decide to end their marriage it affects the complete family. Children have to go through so much of stress due to this decision. The lives will be totally changed, new accommodation, both parents will have the parenting schedules, all the talk about the property distribution. All these will affect the emotional health of the people. In such stage it is very difficult for the couple to understand the complete procedure of the divorce. You can reach out to the best lawyer who will peacefully explain you about the divorce procedure Singapore.  Let us see few points which will help the couple to face this situation in better way.

  • Never try to win the divorce case. Whoever wins the case but the responsibilities will be divided among the both. One will be given the primary custody of the children and might have got less amount of spouse support. More than thinking about the win think how it will affect your children’s life once the divorce is over no one will remember about the win.
  • Don’t make any critical decisions during the divorce process. You will not be in a condition to take making the right choice. Once the complete process is completed then thinks about those critical decisions like selling the house or other.
  • It is very common in the process of divorce the couple gets into heated arguments. But remember that your children are not getting divorced. So when you talking to each other make sure you will keep children away from the discussion. And never avoid the kids during this process. This may affect their mental health, which may lead to bad situations.

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  • Never take advice about your divorce from your friend who has already got divorced. As their situation may be totally different than your and in such case the advice may mislead you. It is always better to listen to your lawyer advice which will help you to go smoothly with divorce process.
  • When you are in the process of divorce never keeping the things happened in the past in your mind and prolong the divorce process. You should support each other so that the complete process is closed soon. And never waste your time just arguing on the small things like how to distribute your favorite collections instead you have thing big and think about your future. Compromise on small issues and talk about the important matters.
  • It is not compulsory that divorce has to be done in court. There are different other ways, one among them is the Mediation. In this the mediator will arrange a meeting between the couple and try to negotiate between them and make them agree for mutual understanding. The mediator will ask both the parties to hire a lawyer but those lawyers will not attend these meetings.
  • Second one is the collaborative divorce, where the couple will hire a collaborative lawyer. A team of professionals will gather and try to resolve each issue in this case.


Always try to finish your divorce process in a simple and peacefully way, which is good for everyone related to you.